CfP: Gender in Revolution: Women and men experiencing revolutionary change 1917-2017 (Event: 10/2017, Odessa); DL: 15.04.2017

Women in War (Paris); Southern Ukrainian National Pedagogical University (Odessa); Democratic Development Centre (Kyiv) (Web)

Venue: Pedagogical Univeristy Odessa
Time: 30.09.-02.10.2017
Proposals due: 15.04.2017

After Sarajevo in 2014, Beirut in 2015, Yerevan in 2016, the next annual international Women in War conference, to be held in Odessa in autumn of 2017, will explore different aspects of the social and political transformations in gender relations, especially the life of women, resulting from one century of revolutions. These will include uprising and revolts where women have played exceptional roles with major social consequences.

We have chosen to situate our next conference in Ukraine, a country which has historically challenged both the imposition and the legacy of Soviet rule, and today represents the most positive and advanced society for women’s rights in the post-Soviet bloc.

In this unique conference, we shall focus on women’s revolutionary experiences worldwide as influenced by the Soviet revolution of 1917, in order to establish commonalities and differences in terms of women’s participation and influence. Read more and source … (Web)