CfP: Free and Equal – Equal and Free? Human Rights and Communism in the 20th Century (Event, 11/2017, Berlin); DL: 27.08.2017

Janis Nalbadidacis (South East European History, HU Berlin); Jochen Krüger (History of Eastern Europe, HU Berlin); Supported by Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur (Web)

Venue: Berlin
Time: 23.-25.11.2017
Abstract Submission: 27.08.2017

Not many ideas had such a deep impact on the world as the one of communism. Numerous states tried in many different ways to follow the concept of communism and to restructure the entire society according to its postulated ideals. In theory, communism aimed at the welfare of everyone and their equality under the law, but practically communist states often oppressed and pursued dissidents. Also, the concept of inalienable human rights had similar goals. Regardless of any belief, color, or age, these rights should be applied to everyone. But claims of human rights never took place in apolitical contexts. Rather they were used as bargaining chips and means to reach political aims or to claim an own moral superiority (cf. work by Samuel Moyn). Taking this into consideration the workshop will deal on various levels with the complex relation of communism and human rights. Read more and source … (Web)