Klicktipp: Women Writers in Review (Portal)

susan-b-anthony-via-the-instiuts-websiteNortheastern University: Women Writers Project with support from the Digital Scholarship Group at Northeastern University Libraries, and grant funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities; Eds.: Julia Flanders, Syd Bauman, Ashley Clark, and Sarah Connell (Web)

Women Writers in Review is a collection of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century reviews, publication notices, literary histories, and other texts responding to works by early women writers. Women Writers in Review was created as part of the Cultures of Reception initiative, which fosters research into the transatlantic reception and circulation of early women’s texts. Currently the project includes 74 authors and 198 works in 111 sources. Read more … (Website)

  • Review of „Women Writers in Review“ by Amanda Gagel (Mark Twain Project, UC-Berkeley) via RIDE : A Review Journal for Digital Editions and Resources, 6/2017 (Web)