CfP: Fashion and clothing collection, exhibition and research in small and medium sized museums in Europe (Event: 05/2018, Straßburg); DL: 19.12.2017

Research Interest Group ‚Appearances, Bodies and Societies‘ (Apparences, Corps et Sociétés); The Museum of Alsace, Strasbourg; The Museum of Alsace, Haguenau

Venue: Museum of Alsace Strasbourg
Time: 17.-19.05.2018
Abstract Submission: 19.12.2017

This interdisciplinary international conference will focus on the challenges and potentials that lie within museums considered small or medium sized in their national museum contexts. These museums often have to cater to a diverse range of interests including their public, regional and local authorities, state interests in national heritage issues, as well as academic concerns.

The first morning of the conference will be devoted to an account of the discussion of the recent revitalisation of dress and textile collections in the museums of Strasbourg, Haguenau, Bouxwiller and several others. This conference will then, over the next two days go on to probe the functions of museums of art, industry, fashion, ethnography and history which have collections of textiles and dress – whether these form their entire collections or just elements within them. The heritage that these museums carry relative to … read more and source (Web).