CfP: Translating Feminism: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives on Text, Place and Agency (Event: 06/2018, Glasgow); DL: 16.03.2018

Leverhulme Trust International Network ‘Translating Feminism: Transfer, Transgression, Transformation’, University of Glasgow, UK

Venue: Glasgow
Time: 13.-15.06.2018
Abstracts due: 16.03.2018

The transformation of women’s sense of self – individually and collectively – is one of the most significant socio-cultural events of the past 50 years to have occurred around the globe. Western-focused historiographies of ‘second-wave’ feminisms have only made the first few steps in addressing the geographical biases in their self-narration and in the very definition of feminism. A whole world unfolds when one considers the many guises of female agency aimed at social transformation, and articulated through text.

The focus of this Conference is on the translocal, transcultural and translingual connections between such texts and their authors in both historical and contemporary contexts. In what ways do texts connect activists operating in different local environments? How are actors influenced by intellectual and political sources originating from other localities and different cultural environments? What happens to a text when it is adapted to a new environment and is politically operationalised in different circumstances? Read more and source … (Web)