CfP: Sexuality and Borders (Event, 04/2019, New York); DL: 01.11.2018

Michelle Pfeifer (NYU, Department of Media, Culture, and Communication); Billy Holzberg (London School of Economics, Department of Gender Studies); Anouk Madörin (University of Potsdam, RTG Minor Cosmopolitanisms)

Time: 04-05.04.2019
Venue: New York University
Proposals by 01.11.2018

In her path-breaking work Borderlands/La Frontera (1987), Gloria E. Anzaldúa parsed out the relationship between heteronormativity and the stretching of the border into various borderlands, subjectivities, and temporalities. In the context of ongoing migration and the intensification of border regimes, this formative thesis on the relationship between borders and sexuality needs renewed attention and consideration. How do sexuality and borders intersect? What role does sexuality play in the production, maintenance, and disruption of contemporary border regimes? How do borders as features of racial capitalism multiply inequalities via sexuality and, conversely, how is sexuality mediated through racialized border regimes? While people continue to move across borders, sexuality becomes a dominant frame through which such movement is attempted to be captured, framed, and contained. At the same time, the border becomes understood, organized, and contested through sexuality and sexual discourse.

In response to these phenomena, this symposium conceptualizes sexuality as a method of bordering and thinks sexuality beyond identity towards its multifarious entanglements with contemporary border regimes. From moral panics about … read more and source (Web).