Conference: Intersectionality & medieval sources. How does that work?, 17.-19.01.2019, Bayreuth

Kristin Skottki, Medieval History, Bayreuth; Nadine Hufnagel and Florian Remele, Medieval German Literature, Bayreuth
Ort: Bayreuth
Zeit: 17.-19.01.2019
The concept of ‘intersectionality’ was developed to describe forms of discrimination in modern times, especially those based on an intersection of gender and race. But may it also be a useful tool for medievalists? The conferences goal is to bring together people from different disciplines, countries, and stages of the academic career to discuss different experiences with forms of inequality in the Middle Ages and in medieval sources/texts, respectively – as well as ‘intersectionality’ as a methodological framework.
Thursday, 17.01.2019

  • Public Round Table Discussion; Participants: Astrid Lembke, Berlin; Rachel Moss, Oxford; Nadine Hufnagel and Florian Remele, Bayreuth; Moderation: Kristin Skottki, Bayreuth

Friday, 18.01.2019

  • 9:30 Introduction; Moderation: Nadine Hufnagel, Florian Remele and Kristin Skottki
  • 10:30 coffee break

11:00 Presentations; Moderation: Susanne Knaeble