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Rural Women’s Studies Association (RWSA)  (Web)

Rural Women’s Studies is a weblog hosted by the Rural Women’s Studies Association. Its purpose is to improve the visibility of rural women’s studies research and activism around the world. (Link)

RWSA members and others who work in the field of rural women’s studies are encouraged to submit material for possible inclusion in this blog. Read more for submission … (Web)

The RWSA Network

Founded in 1998 as an outgrowth of the 6th Conference on Rural and Farm Women in Historical Perspective, the RWSA is an international association for the advancement and promotion of farm and rural women’s gender studies in historical perspective.

The RWSA aims to encourage research, to promote existing and forthcoming scholarship, and to establish and maintain links with contemporary farm and rural women’s organizations.

The Association aims to encourage scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds and countries to communicate about their research and all other activities that are supportive of the Association’s goals.