The International Federation for Research in Women’s History’s Panels at the 23th International Congress of Historical Sciences, New Date: 27.-29.08.2021, Poznan/Posen

The International Federation for Research in Women’s History (IFRWH) (Web)
Venue: Poznan/Posen, Poland
Time – new date: 27.-29.08.2021
The IFRWH organizes various panels at the 23th International Congress of Historical Sciences (Web). Information about the program are available in the IFRWH’s Newsletter 67 (PDF, p 3-6).

  • Rediscovering Spaces of Gender History in Poland and Czechoslovakia (Session 1: Plenary)
  • Women’s and Gender History of East-Central Europe: From Local Perspectives to Global Knowledge (Session 2: Roundtable)
  • 20th-Century Socialist Feminisms Around the World (Session 3: Roundtable)
  • Women in Motion, Contest, and Conflict (Session 4: Panel)
  • Reckoning with Trafficking: Women’s Migration, Intimate Labor, and the International Border Control Regime (Session 5: Roundtable)
  • Global 20th-Century Feminisms (Session 6: Panel)
  • Maids, Markets, and Movements: Women’s Work, Empire, and the Global Order (Session 7: Panel)
  • When ‚Do No Harm‘ Goes Wrong: Authority and Activism in 20th-Century Abortion and Maternity Care (Session 8: Panel)
  • The Limits and Possibilities of Cosmopolitan Feminisms on the Cusp of Empire, 1860–1950 (Session 9: Panel)
  • Women, Mobility and Clothing: The biographies of women and clothing (Session 10: Roundtable)
  • Mobility of Gendered Labour Traditions Between Britain and Australia (Session 11: Panel)
  • Anti-choice revisited – insights from Catholic countries (1970s-1990s) (Session 12: Roundtable)
  • Crossing Borders: Women, Travel, and Mobility organizers: committee (Session 13: Panel)
  • A movement towards equality? Risks and opportunities of female traveling around 1800 (Session 14: Panel)
  • Practicing Feminism Beyond the Movement(s) in Nordic Countries since the 1950s (Session 15: Panel)

The full programm will be published on the website.