Call for Papers – Women in World History

We are soliciting abstracts for a proposed volume, tentatively titled Women in World History. This volume is intended to be a reader to accompany undergraduate World History courses of any time period. The book will consist of an equal number of chapters for the standard division of world history (pre-1500 and post-1500). In addition to standard figures such as Catherine the Great, Cleopatra, Empress Wu, Olympe de Gouges and, Dona Malinche we invite authors to consider
lesser-known figures of world history who had a substantial impact on their era, such as Ban Zhao, Galla Placidia, Sorghaghtani Beki, Queen Nzinga, and Suor Maria Celeste. We invite scholars of a variety of historical approaches (gender, social, cultural, intellectual, military, etc.) to participate.

Chapters will consist of a 3000-4500 word text, which should consist of a biography as well as a discussion of historical context, impact, and legacy. Additionally, the author of each chapter is expected to provide a primary source sidebar of 500 words relating to the person or their impact, and a short list of recommended readings.

Please send 500 word proposal abstracts with the e-mail header “Women in World History” and a C. V. or short biography to both Timothy May ( and Richard Byers (

The deadline for abstracts is March 1, 2007. Accepted contributions will be finalized by October 1, 2007.

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