Web-Seminar series: Women in Intellectual History. The 18th Century, 01/2023, virtual space

The International Society for Intellectual History (ISIH)  (Web)

Time: 01/2023, Thursdays, 4–6pm (CET)
Venue: Oxford and virtual space

Women thinkers and their writings are still underrepresented in the discipline of intellectual history. Despite decades-long efforts at canon-busting, research agendas and teaching curricula alike attest that much work remains to be done to counteract the bias of gendered historiographies. As a prominent meeting place for practitioners of the discipline in all stages of their careers and from various parts of the world, ISIH provides an ideal forum for the discussion of recent work in this crucial area of research. This semester, the series focuses on the 18th century and early 19th century. Through the series of online meetings early career researchers present their projects:

Next events and Registration (Web)

5 January 2023

  • Eveline Groot (Rotterdam): The Role of Sensibility and Gender in Mary Wollstonecraft’s (1759-1797) and Germaine de Stael’s (1766-1817) Epistolary Writings
  • Joanne Paul (Sussex): ‘It is a woman’s doing’: Anne Dowriche’s „The French Historie“ (1589)
  • Respondent: Sylvana Tomaselli (Cambridge)

12 January 2023

  • Madeleine Armstrong (Cambridge): Frances Burney (1752-1840) on Marriage and the Freedom of Women
  • Céline Powell (Munich): Discussing the „gentile donnesco Spirto“: Bianca Laura Saibante Vannetti (1723-1797) and Francesca Roberti Franco (1744-1817)
  • Respondent: Eileen Hunt (South Bend, Indiana)

19 January 2023

  • Max Skjönsberg (Cambridge): Editing Catharine Macaulay’s (1731-1791) Political Writings
  • Helena Taylor (Exeter): Women Writing Natural Philosophy in 17th-Century France: Genres, Methods, Questions
  • Respondent: Ann Thomson (San Domenico di Fiesole)
  • Convenor: Elias Buchetmann (Rostock)

Events in December 2022

8 December 2022

  • Hilary Ilkay (London): New Diotimas: Women and Wisdom in the Early Modern Period
  • Natalia L. Zorrilla (Buenos Aires): Émilie Du Châtelet Against Fatalism
  • Respondent: Sarah Hutton (York)

15 December 2022

  • Valentina Altopiedi (Turin): Pioneering Women’s Rights During the French Revolution: Marie-Madeleine Jodin
  • Cathleen Mair (London): From Natural Sentiments to the Passions of the People: Mary Wollstonecraft and Germaine de Stael during the Terror
  • Respondent: Barbara Taylor (London)

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