Call for Papers – Labouring Feminism and Feminist Working-Class History in Europa and Beyond, Stockholm, 28-31 Aug. 2008

Labouring Feminism and Feminist Working-Class History in Europe and Beyond
International Conference 28-31 August 2008 in Stockholm

In September 2005 the first ‘Labouring feminism conference’ was held at the Munk Centre, University of Toronto. We have the great pleasure to invite everyone to participate in continuing this initiative to focus on labour and gender from a historical perspective in Stockholm in August 2008. The aim of the conference is to bring together a wide variety of feminist scholars working on various aspects of labour history, broadly defined, to share their research, to carry on a dialogue across generational, theoretical, national and disciplinary boundaries and to continue the debate on how to re-conceptualize working-class history in more inclusive ways.
The conference is structured around five overlapping and inter-related themes:

  • Gendering working-class history
  • Labour feminism and female activism
  • Women and work – paid and unpaid
  • Bodies – trade and consumption – local, regional and international perspectives
  • Cultural and ideological representations of gender related to the above topics

We prefer complete panels and sessions. We may take the liberty of rearranging proposed sessions in order to achieve an international mix. A panel should contain between two and four papers, a commentator and a chair. As a general rule no one may appear more than once on the programme. Individual papers will be considered and we will try to arrange sessions and panels.
Please submit a copy of your proposal post marked by June 15, 2007 to the address listed below. You will be informed if your paper has been accepted at the latest by October 1. Your proposal should list a title and full contact information (address, phone and e-mail) for panel organizers and participants. It must also include a title, a half-page abstract for each paper or presentation; a half-page with the most relevant publications and affiliation for each participant (including chair and commentator)
Send proposals to:
Planning committee
Dr. Silke Neunsinger (Labour Movement Archives and Library, Stockholm)
Dr. Yvonne Svanström (Department of Economic History, University of Stockholm)
Dr. Anna Thoursie (Agora, Stockholm)
Prof. Ulla Wikander (Department of Economic History, University of Stockholm)
Prof. Ebba Witt Brattström (Comparative Literature, University College of Södertörn)
International advisory committee
Professor Eileen Boris, University of California, Santa Barbara; Professor Dorothy Sue Cobble, Rutgers university; Professor Dorothy Driver, University of Adelaide¸ Professor Miriam Glucksmann, University of Essex; Professor Gro Hagemann, Oslo university; Professor Karen Hunt, Keele University; Professor Franca Iacovetta, University of Toronto; Professor Alice Kessler-Harris, Columbia University; Professor Bente Rosenbeck, university of Copenhagen; Associate Professor Kimberly L. Phillips, William and Mary, Williamsburg

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