CfP: Queer Balkans (Publication: Sextores); DL: 31.09.2012

Sextores (Web), Special Issue, Guest editor: Stanimir Panayotov

The “Balkans” is a geopolitical, post-Cold War, “post-communist” concept that comes with an ideological burden, just as “queer” does. Both concepts were historically developed in Western/US Academia, although the origins of queer theory in Anglo-American literary criticism are now being throughly contested.

There is a great promise and potential in insisting, like Kosofsky Sedgwick does, on deepening and shifting the meaning of queer, as it travels like a “stealth bomber” (Song Hwee Lim) throughout the world. After all, etymologically, the word “queer” means across, it derives from the Indo-European twerkw, “which also yields the German quer (transverse), … read more (PDF)

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