CfP: Cultural borders within and between feminist organizing (Event: 04/2014, Atlanta); DL: 10.02.2013

Organization of American Historians OAH annual meeting in Atlanta, GA April 10-13, 2014. (Website)

CfP from Kera Lovell: The conference theme is ‚Crossing Borders,‘ both physical and cultural, in an effort to examine ‚a broad array of border crossings and ‚encounters‘ in US history, highlighting the contributions and challenges presented by those who transcended borders to redefine their lives or flee the constraints of their past.‘

I am interested in forming a panel on the cultural borders within and between feminist organizing. My paper will focus on race, class, and sexuality differences in the evolution of the feminist consciousness-raising document, specifically examining the theoretical strengths and weaknesses of CR in transcending the borders of identity politics.

Other panelists could explore feminist organizing in relation to: physical borders (regarding the exclusion of membership or the formation of cross-cultural coalitions), transnational borders, cultural borders, ideological or political borders, or other themes. Preferred paper topics would focus on the Second Wave, but other time frames (for example, focusing on borders between waves) might also work well.

Interested applicants should email the following information off-list to by February 10, 2013:

– a complete mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, and affiliation
– a prospectus of no more than 250 words
– a vita of no more than 500 words

Kera Lovell
PhD student in American Studies
Purdue University


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