CfP: WOMEN’S REPRODUCTIVE LIVES: An Encyclopedia of Health, History, and Popular Culture, Deadline 30.04.2009

EDITOR/S: Dr. Sharmain van Blommestein
DEADLINE: April 30th 2009
The encyclopedia will condense and document “all” information related to women’s reproductive lives (menstruation, birth, menopause etc) via literature, history, and culture/pop culture from ancient to contemporary times.
Topics include art and performing art, literature (ancient to modern), juvenile literature, law, medicine/gynecology and obstetrics, birth control and abortion, anorexia, American and world history, film and media, race/class/poverty and ethnicity, family, social work, economics and business, social mores/taboos and rituals, prostitution, the military/WWI & II, and more.
Please contact the Editor:
Dr. Sharmain van Blommestein, Asst. Professor, SUNY Potsdam (email address below) for further information on specific entry topics and guidelines. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR OWN WRITTEN EMAIL/SNAILMAIL SUBMISSIONS, SINCE THE ENCYCLOPEDIA ALREADY HAS IT OWN LIST OF TOPICS. Faculty (especially junior faulty), grad students, and independent scholars are welcome to contribute.
Email inquiries only: (main email for encyclopedia)

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