CfP: Health, Care and the Emotions (Event, 09/2019, London); DL: 01.05.2019

Surgery and Emotions University of Roehampton, London (Web)

Venue: University of Roehampton
Time: 03.-05.09.2019
Proposals by: 01.05.2019

The ‚emotional turn‘ has well and truly arrived. In the last few years, scholars across a range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences have been paying increasing attention to the role that emotions play, and have played, in the elaboration of the self, in structuring interactions with others, and in shaping social and cultural norms and values. Nowhere does this attention to the power of the emotions have greater potential for enhancing our understanding than in the sphere of health and care. Caring for ourselves and others in times of illness and/or vulnerability can be one of the most emotionally rewarding, but also one of the most emotionally challenging, of experiences.

This conference seeks to draw together scholars from a range of disciplinary backgrounds to discuss what we can learn about health and care by paying attention to the role of emotions. The principal research interest of the organisers concerns the sphere of medicine and healthcare, but they hope to hear from scholars interested in other aspects of care, including social care, familial care and self-care. The organisers particularly welcome proposals for papers and panels touching on topics including, but not limited to: