CfP: Children and Youth at Risk in Times of Transition (Edited Volume); by: 28.02.2022

Baard Herman Borge (Univ. of Tromsø, Norway), Elke Kleinau (Univ. of Cologne, Germany), and Ingvill Constanze Mochmann (GESIS – Leibniz-Institute for Social Sciences, Cologne & Univ. of Oslo, Norway)

Proposals by: 28.02.2022

Children belong to one of the most vulnerable groups in societies. This was the case even before the current humanitarian crises around the world which led millions of people and families to flee from wars, terror, poverty and exploitation. Children have been misused as child soldiers, being exposed to human trafficking, slavery, sexual abuse and exploitation. They have been denied basic human rights such as access to education, food and health services. They have been kidnapped, sold, manipulated, mutilated, killed, injured – not seldom by closest family members who should provide stability, security and affection. This occurred and still occurs both in developed and in developing countries and it does not seem as if the situation will improve in near future – rather the present geo-political developments, political and economic uncertainties and instabilities seem to increase this vulnerability of children as the focus of the political agenda is devoted to other “more important” issues.

The aim of this call for abstracts is to address risks children and youth especially in times of transition are exposed to. Papers are welcome that address any group of children in war and post-war societies, for example, children born of war, refugee children, child soldiers, war children, trafficked children, and enslaved children. Papers can be based on historical, quantitative and/or qualitative analyses and they are expected to address how clear responses and responsibilities may reduce the vulnerability of the particular group. Papers that can present positive cases that may serve as best practices are particularly welcome.

The call for abstracts is aimed at scholars from the humanities, law and social sciences. Doctoral students are also cordially invited to submit proposals. Please send an abstract (max. 300 words) in English language and a short CV until February 28th, 2022 to The deadline for handing in the manuscripts is September 15th, 2022. In the spirit of scientific quality assurance the organizers strive to a peer-review process to review the manuscripts.

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